• A father and a son conductors see their professional rivalry explode following a misunderstanding.

  • Pierre Arditi and Yvan Attal embody them brilliantly and sensitively.

  • "Maestro (s)" plays a very endearing family resemblance.

Yvan Attal had directed Pierre Arditi in

Les Choses Humaines


Here they are now reunited as actors for Bruno Chiche's

Maestro (s)

in the roles of two conductors, father and son, who have serious communication difficulties due to professional rivalry.

“They never managed to override, explains Pierre Arditi to

20 Minutes

, while it is an essential process that I myself experienced as a son and as a father.


Things turn sour for the duo when a misunderstanding arises over a nomination for La Scala in Milan.

“It will turn to group therapy,” insists Yvan Attal.

The women around them, embodied by Miou-Miou, Pascale Arbillot and Caroline Anglade, will not be spared their settling of scores.

They know the music

Conducting an orchestra posed no problem for the two actors.

“The actors are monkeys, specifies Pierre Arditi.

It was enough to imitate the leader I had in front of me, a bit like the game of mirrors that we practice in some comedy classes.

Yvan Attal, meanwhile, had a lot of fun leading the musicians.

“Each conductor develops his own style and all are different, which gave me great freedom in front of the orchestra,” he says.

On the other hand, finding the psychological arc of their characters required more work from these experienced actors.

"To create this authoritarian father, I had to go look in my intimate swamps", confesses Pierre Arditi.

His performance, like that of his partner, brings real moments of pleasure, especially during a face-to-face encounter that the spectator eagerly awaits.

“Pierre and I had to achieve a balance in our scenes together, specifies Yvan Attal.

What I find odd is that we've come to look alike physically in the movie when it's not so obvious in life.

A family resemblance that rings very pleasantly in the viewer's ear.

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