Tomorrow (7th) there is snow news on the way to work, so you need to be safe.

It will snow in the central region until the morning of tomorrow, the season of heavy snow.

Snow starts to fall from the metropolitan area tonight, and again this time, up to 3 cm of snow is expected in southern Gyeonggi and central northern Chungbuk, and less than 1 cm of snow will fall in the midwest including Seoul, the northern interior of Gyeongbuk, and Jeonbuk.

On the other hand, the atmosphere is very dry elsewhere.

An additional dry warning was issued in Jeonnam today, but you should be careful with fire as the wind blows strongly in the mountains and coastal areas of Gangwon.

Tomorrow the cold will be a little more mild.

The morning temperature in Seoul is minus 1 degree, and the daytime temperature is 8 degrees, which is about 3 degrees higher than today.

Fine dust will flow into Chungcheong, Jeonbuk, and Gwangju in the morning.

In the southern region, daytime temperatures will mostly exceed 10 degrees, and the daily temperature difference will be large.

Mild weather will continue for the time being, and air quality will become cloudy around the western region.

(Nam Yu-jin weather caster)