Solène Delinger 2:30 p.m., December 5, 2022, modified at 2:38 p.m., December 5, 2022

In its edition of Friday, December 2, the daily "Liberation" painted a long portrait of Zazie, on the occasion of the release of her new album "Aile-P".

We learned that the 58-year-old singer had to move twice in less than a year because her neighbors could no longer bear her singing morning, noon and evening… 

Zazie may sell millions of records, it is certainly not her neighbors who are her biggest fans… This is what


reveals in a long portrait devoted to the singer on Friday 2 December.

"She sold the disproportionate old mustard factory in which she lived in Belleville, to move into an apartment with a terrace. Few fans of decibels, the neighbors convinced her to put an end to this poorly soundproofed proximity", can we read in the columns of the daily newspaper. 

"I can not stand it anymore"

In the past eight months, Zazie has therefore been forced to pack her boxes twice.

Moves that she evokes in

 Let it shine

, one of the songs from her new opus


"Isn't it over soon? All this noise, this din. There are some who sleep at night. Not me, no way to stop", sings the artist, imitating his neighborhood.

"Everything is true in what I say. I moved a year ago and I moved again less than a month ago. I can't take it anymore," Zazie confided last September. on RFM.

The singer has put this difficult period behind her, also marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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Zazie's inspiration broken down during confinement

The confinements slowed down Zazie in her inspiration.

Invited to Philippe Vandel's microphone on Europe 1 on Friday December 2, the 58-year-old singer explained that she had difficulty continuing to make music during confinement.

"At the beginning, I didn't play it much. It dried me out, a little…", she confided.

The interpreter of

Rue de la Paix

finally got back on track and worked on his new album


released on December 2.