From banning the ivory trade to sales permit requirements, new legislation is gradually being put in place around the world to protect and safeguard certain endangered animal species.

Thus, three African countries will no longer export leopard skins or trophies.

This should make it possible to limit the hunting of this animal considered vulnerable whose populations have declined, in sub-Saharan Africa, by more than 30% in just three generations!

Frogs, sharks, elephants and sea cucumbers will now be protected

Permits will also be needed to sell 158 species of Latin American "glass frogs" in other countries, and the quantities sold should allow this variety to continue.

The international sales of 95 species of sharks, massively fished for their fins or their meat, will also be supervised.


With rare exceptions, it will now be illegal to sell Yellow-headed Bulbuls internationally.

Native to Southeast Asia, this songbird is indeed critically endangered.

Finally, African elephants and sea cucumbers will also benefit from saving conservation measures.

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