Last month, more than 470 people pointed out problems such as "I could hear other students' answers" about the English "speaking test" used in the entrance examination of Tokyo Metropolitan High School for the first time. announced by opposition groups.

The "Speaking Test" was conducted for the first time last month by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, which aims to develop global human resources and is focusing on "usable English" education. I was.

After that, several groups made up of parents and others who wanted to stop using it for entrance exams solicited answers on the Internet from students and parents about problems that occurred in the test, and announced the results on the 5th. .

According to that, 478 responses were received, of which 166 cases "I could hear other people's voices even with earmuffs on". There were 92 cases of ``the voice of the first half of the examinee was heard by the second half of the person waiting in another room'', and 55 cases of ``the voice of a nearby person was accidentally recorded''. is.

The organization appealed, ``We have received a lot of testimonies, so please stop using it for entrance exams that require fairness and fairness.''

Regarding this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education said, ``We believe that even if you hear some noise, it will not affect your answers. I want to consider a better way."