The national gendarmerie launched a third call for witnesses on Friday to find the young Lylou, who had been missing for 58 days.

The 13-year-old girl, who lives in Genay near Lyon, has not been heard from since October 10.


⚠️ If you have information to help the investigators, please contact:

📞 06 23 60 26 67


– National Gendarmerie (@Gendarmerie) December 2, 2022

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The means deployed so far have still not made it possible to locate her.

Worried, her mother multiplied calls for help on social networks, fearing that her "influenceable" daughter could have followed "malicious people".

She had already run away last March as well as in June.

His mother also indicated that Lylou would have been the victim of "a gang rape" in 2020 in Villeurbanne.

If two minors were indicted for these facts, they were released and placed under judicial supervision.

The girl was not well since this attack and the confrontation with her alleged attackers who deny the facts, she added on BFM TV.

Party with no belongings and no phone

On the sidelines of this criminal procedure, the Lyon prosecutor's office seized the juvenile judge about the situation of the teenager.

An educational action in an open environment was ordered in April.

This is a measure put in place when the holders of parental authority are no longer considered capable of protecting or educating their child.

If you have any information to find Lylou, please contact the investigators on 06 23 60 26 67 or by email:

Of “medium build”, the teenager is 1.60 meters tall.

She has shoulder length black hair, green eyes and freckles.

Another distinctive sign, she wears a nose piercing.

Finally, on the day of her disappearance, she was dressed in a sky blue “crop top” and black jogging.

She didn't take any belongings, not even her cell phone.


Lyon: A call for witnesses launched to find Lylou, a 12-year-old teenager

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