Winter promises to be tense on the French electricity network.

The authorities, and in particular the electricity transmission system operator (RTE), have therefore specified how any power cuts would be organised.

Thus, 60% of French people are affected by these potential load shedding, the remaining 40% being exempted for various reasons, reports

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According to the load shedding plan detailed by RTE, these cuts, rotating, organized and temporary, “will be targeted by geographical area of ​​2,000 customers on average (households and professionals) supplied by the same power line”.

As such, all customers being on the same line as that of a place considered "priority" (hospitals, national defense installations or establishments damaged by power cuts, etc.) will not be able to undergo load shedding.

The capital spared 80%

With this rule, only 20% of electricity consumption in Paris can be effectively cut off.

The prefect is also seeking to set up “voluntary” contributions in the capital, according to the government.

The objective is to invite residents and businesses not affected by the risk of load shedding to show solidarity by reducing their electricity consumption as much as possible.

In addition, Corsica is also guaranteed not to suffer a power cut, the island having its own electricity network which is connected with Italy.

As a reminder, in its plan, RTE indicated that any cuts would be distributed throughout the territory, by areas of 2,000 customers, which corresponds to a district or an entire municipality in a rural environment.

"We will not offload the same area twice in a row", he was also clarified.

Targeted customers will be informed of the cut the day before at 5 p.m. on the EcoWatt application.


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