Their answers turned out to be identical since childhood. Twins were compensated 1.5 million dollars after they were accused of cheating


Twin medical students at an American university were accused of cheating on a test, but they won $ 1.5 million in damages after the jury decided that their answers matched normal because of the genetic link.

Because of the accusation, the sisters, Kayla and Kelly Bingham, were subjected to many difficult situations and discredit, because their university in South Carolina described them as "cheats", considering that the similar scores they obtained in the exam were more than a coincidence.

"It was devastating," Kelly said of the accusation. "We both knew we did nothing wrong."

After years of suffering, a jury ruled that the medical school had slandered the two students, and awarded them $1.5 million in damages.

And the story began, according to "Russia Today" after taking the exam in May 2016, when Kelly said that we were assigned seats at the same table, we were 4 or 5 feet away, we could not see each other because the observers blocked the view.

Two weeks later, the college officially accused them of cheating, so Kelly told the university council that their answers to all exams had been very similar since the first grade, but the council insisted on the existence of "cooperation" between them, which forced the two sisters to withdraw from the university in September 2016.

"It honestly killed me," Kelly told Insider. "I had dreamed of becoming a doctor since I was little. Kayla and I wanted to help people."

They decided to abandon their medical ambitions and enroll in law school.

The case took six years, as the sisters' lawyer presented their education records to the jury, which showed how they had obtained identical or near-identical scores on tests they had taken in the past.

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