It is well known that Germany is not France.

That's a pity sometimes: it wouldn't be so bad at the World Cup if Germany were France, then we'd at least be in the round of 16.

But sometimes that's a good thing.

From the "Gala" cover, France's former Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni laugh in our faces, next to the headline: "We're having heavenly sex." Bruni recently told "Elle" that, and we really praise the German Discretion of a Joachim Sauer.

His wife Angela Merkel

prefers to speak with the

mirror instead of the


, although not a single quote from Merkel made it onto the cover of the “Gala” from what felt like its 80-page title story.

C'est la vie!

Jorg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

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Pietro Lombardi should also be less communicative.

In the podcast with his partner Laura, he didn't talk about autumnal love like Sarkozy/Bruni, but about a spring-like budding one: "With a boy, it's cool when you do Bambambam for the first time," he said, according to "Freizeitwoche".

"As a dad, you're proud when your son comes at 13 and says, 'Dad, I had a bit of fun today.'" Fun at 13: Not only Sarah, the mother of Lombardi's son Alessio, would have her on her head Ex-husbands certainly liked to make bang-bang.

Let's hope that Alessio, who has just turned seven, doesn't feel under pressure now.

Lombardi jokingly wants everything to be understood afterwards and has said of himself that he was "a little mess in the head".

Maybe the maturation process will start

sorry boy

Gabriel Kelly, the son of Kelly Family singer Angelo, who has traveled back and forth with his touring father for years, is already 21.

"Because he was never able to attend school regularly, he was even denied a degree," writes "Echo der Frau".

“Now Gabriel is trying to get started as a rapper in Germany alone.

He has no professional alternative.” We didn't know that there was no alternative without a school-leaving certificate.

Must have been a bitter moment for Gabriel when the job center told him: "Sorry boy, you should have gotten a degree.

Unfortunately, now you have to become a rapper.”

Tom and Bill Kaulitz are also going through difficult times.

"The tour bus from Tokio Hotel, including all instruments, was stolen in broad daylight in Berlin," says "Bild".

"The Kaulitz twins are desperate and promise a finder's reward: 'We don't ask any questions either.'" And we would also like to appeal to the thieves: Listen, folks, we don't think the songs from Tokio Hotel are that great either, but we can would it really be the right way to steal all their instruments?

With the coal they have, they immediately buy new ones.

And by the way: If you're on the road with the tour bus now, you'd better check if the two remaining, completely inconspicuous band members, whose names we can never remember, aren't still sitting in a bunk somewhere.

On the highway at 300

It continues on the road

: "Freizeitwoche" writes about Helene Fischer that she recently sang one of her songs for her ex Florian Silbereisen.

Among other things, the line appears: "On the Autobahn with 300, I can only do that with you." Certainly, leisure week, that this is really aimed at Silbereisen and not at Volker Wissing?

Another means of transport was presented to Meghan and Harry four years ago, as "The New Journal" reports on a double page about the "most curious gifts from the royals".

As a memento of their visit to the Titanic Belfast Museum, "they were given a miniature version of the steamer".

This begs the question: What do you do with a miniature Titanic?

Do you keep drowning them in the bathtub?

It cannot be ruled out that this macabre gift gave them the idea of ​​letting the British monarchy perish.

Speaking of the bathtub: Of course, Mariah Carey cannot be left out of the "in" list of alleged eccentric star special requests.

On one tour, she is said not only to have "insisted on twelve white Labrador puppies in her changing room," she is also said to "bathe only in French mineral water."

The question remains: still or sparkling?

And, even more exciting: With a capacity of a normal tub of 180 liters, how do you get all that mineral water warm?

On the stovetop?

At Sarah Connor's Christmas party last year, however, water did not play a major role.

Because the singer was busy, she tells "Bunte", "my husband took care of the shopping and focused on the alcohol.


It quickly degenerated completely.

It took us two or three days to recover." After this experience, Connor's husband must have decided to serve a decent three-course menu this time: a few vodka for a starter, two for the main course, three good bottles of champagne and delicious liqueurs for dessert.