At a nursery school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, police arrested three people on suspicion of assault after three people who were working as nursery teachers at the time abused children by holding their legs and hanging them in the air. .

The police are planning to clarify the actual situation, assuming that malicious acts have been repeated in the park.

Three people were arrested: Sachi Miura (30), Kaori Komatsu (38), and Rie Hattori (39), who worked as nursery teachers at Sakura Nursery School, a licensed nursery school in Susono City.

According to the police, in June, the three were suspected of assaulting the children by pushing their faces, hanging them in the air, and hitting their heads.

The police began a search at "Sakura Nursery School" on the morning of the 4th.

At this nursery school, 15 malicious acts were confirmed, such as holding the children's feet and hanging them in the air from June to August this year, and the police are investigating, such as listening to the three people. was

According to the city's investigations and the kindergarten's explanations so far, nursery teachers yelled at one-year-old children and pinched their cheeks, and forced them to touch the buttocks of children with symptoms of hand-foot-and-mouth disease. It means that he was threatening by showing a cutter knife to a year-old child.

In response to the nursery school survey, the nursery teachers said, ``I was doing a series of acts with the intention of discipline and guidance.

The police are planning to clarify the actual situation, assuming that the three people have repeatedly committed malicious acts.

The identities of the three have not been disclosed.