A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from Zhejiang Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration on December 4 that recently, a transport ship "Yongda 99" from a shipping company in Ningbo was passing through the sea area of ​​Gulei, Zhangzhou, Fujian, and suddenly received a nearby SOS message for ship sinking.

Xue Junfa, the captain of the "Yongda 99" ship, immediately drove the ship to rescue and successfully rescued 13 trapped crew members who had abandoned the ship and transferred them to life rafts.

  Xue Junfa said in an interview with a reporter from the Beiqing Daily that the wind and waves were very strong at the time, and the clothes of the trapped crew members were wet by the sea and they were shivering. Engine room rest.

  At present, the rescued crew members have all been moved to a safe place.

Xue Junfa said that although some delivery time was delayed to save people, the recipient also expressed understanding and support after learning about their rescue.

  My first thought was to save people

  According to the introduction of the Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration, at about 2 pm on November 30, the "Yongda 99" ship carrying 780 tons of steel plates from Jiangyin to Yangpu, Hainan, was passing through the Gulei sea area of ​​Zhangzhou, Fujian, when it suddenly received a report from the Zhangzhou Maritime Safety Administration. According to the emergency message sent by the traffic control center, a 5,000-ton container ship "Yusheng 788" was in distress in the waters and was about to sink. The 13 crew members on board were in urgent need of rescue.

  Xue Junfa, the captain of the "Yongda 99" ship, recalled that the cold wave caused strong winds that day, and the gusts could reach magnitude 8 or 9, and the waves on the sea were very high.

"As crew members, we all know that life comes first. After receiving the news, the first thing we think about is to save people."

  Xue Junfa said that when he received the distress message, his ship was still about 3 nautical miles (about 5.4 kilometers) away from the "Yusheng 788". Case.

"When we were about 1 nautical mile away from the accident site, the crew saw the orange life raft floating on the sea." Captain Xue Junfa said, "Everyone has been running on the sea all year round. Helping others is helping yourself. When encountering a shipwreck, you will definitely do your best. Rescued."

  It was very windy and failed the previous few times

  Xue Yongming, general manager of Ningbo Shuangning Shipping Co., Ltd. to which the "Yongda 99" ship belongs, told Beiqing Daily that the wind and waves were violent when the incident happened. The possibility of capsizing is not optimistic.

Xue Junfa said that after discovering the life raft, he immediately increased the speed of the boat and sailed to the trapped crew members as soon as possible.

  "It was very windy at the time. After we got close to the life rafts, we tried to throw lifelines to them many times, but the first few times failed. Finally, I used our boat to block the wind and successfully rescued the trapped crew members with lifelines. The whole process lasted about half an hour," Xue Junfa said.

  In the on-site video provided by Xue Yongming to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, it can be seen that a tire is tied to one end of the lifeline. The crew lowered the lifeline and tire from the side of the ship to the position of the life raft. , Climbed the lifeline and grabbed the hands of the crew members on board the "Yongda 99" ship one by one.

Xue Yongming said that Xue Junfa has more than 30 years of experience in sailing at sea. In this rescue, he judged the conditions of ocean currents and sea winds to steer the boat to the most suitable position for rescue, which is also able to quickly rescue the trapped people. key.

  Bring trapped crew to safety

  Xue Junfa recalled that due to the strong waves, the clothes of many trapped crew members were wet by the waves, and they were still shivering after being rescued. He and his crew took out the clothes on board and changed them for the trapped crew members. The crew went to rest in the engine room where the temperature was higher.

Xue Junfa learned from the rescued crew members that the "Yusheng 788" had sunk, and all 13 crew members on board were transferred to life rafts and rescued. He immediately reported to the maritime department and brought the trapped crew members to a safe place.

  According to the Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration, this is not the first time that a ship of Ningbo Shuangning Shipping Co., Ltd. has rescued a crew member in distress.

In July this year, the ship "Yongda 519", which also belongs to Ningbo Shuangning Shipping Co., Ltd., rescued fishermen in Putian waters.

Xue Yongming said that his own boat rescued a fisherman who fell into the water that time, "The fisherman drifted at sea for a long time after he fell into the water. Fortunately, our boat found him. We also felt very lucky to find him in time. "

  Xue Junfa also said that saving people this time delayed the delivery of the goods, but life is the first priority. "After learning that we participated in the rescue of 13 people, the recipient also expressed understanding and support for us." Text/Text Newspaper reporter Qu Chang (Source: Beijing Youth Daily)