Ahead of the match between Japan and Croatia in the final tournament of the World Cup Qatar tournament, soccer fans visited Croatian restaurants in Tokyo wanting to taste the food of the other country. rice field.

The Croatian restaurant "Dobro" in Chuo-ku, Tokyo was opened by the owner, Koki Kawasaki, when he accepted the Croatian delegation in Niigata Prefecture, where he was working at the time, during the Japan-Korea Games in 2002. .

According to Mr. Kawasaki, it is the only restaurant in the country where you can taste authentic Croatian cuisine, and since the match with Japan was decided, reservations for the restaurant have increased, and the restaurant is almost full.

A man in his 60s who came to the store said, ``Japan won the match if we ate Spanish food, so today we came to eat Croatian food.

Also, a man in his 70s said, "I've heard that eating the food of the enemy country is the most effective way to win. I'll eat Croatian food and eat the opposing team."

The store will be closed on December 5th and will not be open for general business, but about 20 people, including Croatian officials, will gather and watch the game together.

Kawasaki said, “There are winners and losers, but I think the World Cup is a festival in a way. I was talking to