Today (5th) morning is also very cold.

The perceived temperature in Seoul has dropped to nearly -10 degrees Celsius.

You should be well-dressed on the way to work.

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<Caster Sujin Ahn> The

bitter cold is on the rise again.

A special cold wave warning was issued again in northern Gyeonggi Province, inland Gangwon, and mountainous areas. In particular, the temperature in Cheorwon, where a cold wave warning was issued, dropped to minus 11.4 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in Seoul is also pointing to minus 6.5 degrees Celsius.

In fact, it feels colder when the wind blows than the air temperature. Today, the wind is rather strong, so the perceived temperature will be about 2 to 5 degrees lower than the actual temperature.

You have to come out dressed well on your way to work, and you need to be prepared for freezing accidents.

When the day comes, the temperature will recover to the freezing point, but the sensory temperature will continue to stay below freezing, and the cold will ease somewhat from noon tomorrow.

The dryness of the atmosphere is getting worse.

The dry warning, which had been issued on the east coast of Gangwon, has been upgraded to a warning level, and in this way, special warning areas are increasing in places in the inland.

It is an environment where fire is easy to catch, so you need to be extra careful of fire accidents.

If you look at the current satellite image, the sky over the country is full of clouds like this.

Clouds will pass intermittently today, and there will be times when raindrops fall or snow blows at night on the west coast.

Tomorrow, it will rain or snow in southern Gyeonggi, Chungcheong, and northern Jeonbuk areas.