Chinanews, Xi'an, December 4th, title: "Light Outdoors" under "Normal Needs": A "Social Sense" Dominant Poetry and Distance

  Chinanews reporter Zhang Yichen

  Meadows, rocks, mountain roads, forest crossings, travel photography... When the above elements appear at the same time, it means that a "delicate hike" is about to start.

Pictured are hikers.

Photo by Li Zhen

  "The moment I climbed to the top, the clouds cleared." Anna, a girl from Xi'an, is a fashion and life blogger on social platforms. Not long ago, she just completed her first trekking trip to Cuihua Mountain.

"In the process of mountaineering, I was very excited at the beginning, and the 'tiredness' also followed when I approached the destination, but the 'scarce elements' in the city such as natural scenery, plants, and small insects encountered on the way were still impressive. I feel like this trip is worthless.”

  Following camping, cycling, and Frisbee, an outdoor activity with the keyword "hiking" has begun to heat up on social networks, and it has also become a new trend for young people to exercise and release workplace pressure.

  In Xi'an in early winter, it was cold but not cold under the warm sun. "Post-90s" Li Gen was wearing a jacket, holding a trekking pole, and his hiking boots rustled on the thick fallen leaves in the mountains.

As a leader of outdoor hiking activities, in addition to ensuring that the participants do not fall behind, Li Gen also considers that the participants can gain something.

  "Now more and more young people are starting to go outdoors. Xi'an is backed by the Qinling Mountains and has very rich natural and cultural resources. Today's hiking activities are very different from those in the past. We have spread more knowledge in the process, as well as natural resources. The concept of environmental protection." Li Gen said.

  "In fact, many people come here for socializing. I think this is a good thing. They hope to show themselves better on social platforms." As the manager of an outdoor club, Wang Chen, a young man from Xi'an, set foot in The "outdoor circle" has been around for six or seven years. "I hope that through hiking activities, I can convey the concept of environmental protection to the participants. At the same time, I can gather some like-minded friends, so that everyone can find their own fun and splendor in 'Poetry and the Distance'." .”

  Relevant data from shows that during the pre-sale period of's "Double Eleven" in 2022, the pre-sale orders for outdoor equipment increased by 244% year-on-year; The first-hour sales of mountaineering equipment and mountaineering equipment increased by 115%, 89.7%, and 81.2% year-on-year respectively.

  "Let every deflated cell in the body be full of vitality again." Recently, "walking the baby outdoors" has become a "regular item" for the family of Huang Zhenyu, a "post-80s" in Xi'an on weekends. "Although the hiking route is planned, it is still underestimated. Difficulty of climbing with weight. This is the first time in a child's life to "climb to the top". But in the future, you will have to walk farther and climb steeper mountains alone. Beautiful." Huang Zhenyu's wife, Zhu Yan, wrote in her WeChat Moments, causing friends to like and comment one after another.

The picture shows "post-80s" Huang Zhenyu climbing with his baby on his back in Xi'an.

Photo provided by the interviewee

  The reporter searched for "hiking" on the Xiaohongshu APP and found more than 2.26 million notes. The content shared by netizens covered hiking route recommendations, outdoor outfits, hiking equipment, and outdoor sports photography skills.

  "If the previous hiking activities were for the purpose of 'arriving', now everyone enjoys the feeling of 'on the road'." Wang Chen said frankly, "Whether it is trendy sports such as Frisbee or cycling, or camping and The 'light outdoors' represented by hiking, when you find that you can influence the people around you through your little actions, it is a pleasant thing in itself."

  Today, outside the hustle and bustle of the concrete forest, the "light outdoor" that is comfortable, harmonious, and "social" is becoming the leisure "just need" of urban young people.

In their spare time, they measure the beauty of nature with their feet and discover the meaning of slow life with their hearts.

  The winter sun pierced through the morning mist, and Wang Chen and several of his partners started another suburban hike.

When asked what is the significance of this trip?

"Beyond the eaves, there are mountains, rivers, lakes and seas." Wang Chen said.