The Harry Potter Studios attract thousands of visitors every year: the opportunity for young and old can discover the sets and costumes of their favorite saga, the tour in a magical atmosphere.

But discovering the universe behind the famous story of the young wizard with round glasses has a price, and not the least… From Paris, it takes between 60 and 80 € per person for a return trip to London by Eurostar.

A price that can quickly rise to almost €200 during the holiday season.

The Studio Tour is located 32 kilometers north-west of London: to stay in the center of the British capital, you will have to pay an average of one hundred euros for one night in a hotel.

From London Euston station, you will then have to take a train for about twenty minutes, then a shuttle from Watford Junction to the Studios.

A trip that amounts to 32 € per person for a round trip that takes about an hour.

And the Studios, how much does it cost?

On site, admission to the Studios is €60 per adult and €46 for children aged 5 to 15.

And if you want to enjoy an experience combining a guided tour, souvenir videos, Butterbeer and priority parking, you will have to pay more than €250 per person... If the Studios allow visitors to bring a picnic, on site, five different cafes and restaurants allow you to eat for an average of 25 € per person and per meal.

Before the end of the trip, almost obligatory visit to the souvenir shop, where you can leave with your most beautiful Gryffindor or Hufflepuff flocked sweater... In total, we arrive at an average price of 331 € per person to visit the Harry Potter Studios in British lands.

But for fans, the magic of the place is priceless.


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