has just released its ranking of the 100 richest self-made American women of 2022. And while some showbiz celebrities are doing well, their fortunes often fall far short of those of America's richest businesswomen. .

Take for example Reese Witherspoon, who is in 46th place in the ranking with an estimated fortune of 430 million dollars, only a few places behind Beyoncé who today weighs 450 million dollars.

Further ahead, in 32nd place, is Taylor Swift with $570 million on the clock.

But we immediately go up a gear with Rihanna who rises to 21st place with an estimated fortune of $ 1.4 billion, while Kim Kardashian is in 16th position with $ 1.8 billion.

And it is in the 10th place that sits the personality of the richest entertainment.

This is Oprah Winfrey who still weighs 2.6 billion dollars.

Then, the first places in the ranking are occupied by women who have managed to do well in sectors far removed from the glitter and the spotlight.

powerful women

In fifth place is Marian Ilitch, co-founder of the restaurant chain Little Caesars Pizza, with an estimated fortune of 4.2 billion dollars, just behind Johnelle Hunt who made her fortune in road transport until weighing 4.3 billions of dollars.

Then come Judy Love, who owes her 5.3 billion dollars to her gas stations, while Judy Faulkner was able to amass 6.7 billion dollars by dominating the sector of software development intended for the health sector.

Finally, well ahead of her competitors is Diane Hendricks, co-founder of ABC Supply, the leader in the distribution of roofing and windows in the United States, with a fortune amounting to 12.2 billion dollars.

A jackpot that she has also used to produce a few films that have not remained in the annals.


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