In the three Lower Saxony Christmas post offices in Himmelpforten, Nikolausdorf and Himmelsthür, the volunteers are again busy answering thousands of letters.

Quite a few come from abroad, even from Canada, the USA and China, said Hubert Weddehage, who works with his team in Nikolausdorf (Cloppenburg district).

The children occasionally wish for peace in the world, said Weddehage, who has been slipping into the role of Santa Claus for 52 years.

A letter has already been received from a Ukrainian boy in which he hopes for the end of the Ukraine war.

In the majority of the letters, however, classic wishes for toys are in the foreground, said Weddehage.

The children liked to stick images from brochures on the letters so that Santa Claus would not bring anything wrong on Christmas Eve.

But many also drew their wish lists.

According to Deutsche Post, the first letters arrived at the Christmas post offices during the course of the year.

"In our increasingly digitized world, children can rediscover the special value of writing letters," said Stefan Eckelmann, branch manager of Deutsche Post in Hamburg.

There is no email address for the Christmas post offices: "We are offline," said Weddehage.

"We're not even getting started with email."

In addition to Himmelsthür, Nikolausdorf and Himmelpforten, there are four other Christmas post offices in Germany.