, Yinchuan, December 2 (Reporter Yang Di) The reporter learned from the Ningxia Department of Civil Affairs on the 2nd that recently, four departments including the Ningxia Department of Civil Affairs jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Social Work Talent Teams and Promoting the High-quality Development of Social Work" "(hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"), it is proposed that by the end of 2027, the total number of social work talents in Ningxia will reach 15,000, the number of social work service agencies will reach 160, and the number of people holding national social worker professional level certificates will reach 7,000. The development and talent allocation will be more reasonable, and a reasonable echelon structure and talent distribution of junior, middle and senior talents will be formed, and the channels for social work talents to participate in social governance will be smoother.

  The "Implementation Opinions" discusses social work talents' degree education, education and training, training and introduction, balanced development, job setting, and role play from five aspects: optimizing the training mechanism, increasing use, giving play to advantages, improving service levels, and optimizing the development environment. 21 measures have been put forward, such as project support, reward incentives, salary system, exchanges and cooperation, etc.

  The "Implementation Opinions" mentioned that on the basis of achieving full coverage of the construction of township (street) social work service stations, the standardization and standardization of township (street) social work will be accelerated, and by the end of 2025, township (street) social work services will be created There are 100 demonstration stations; social work service rooms are extended to villages (communities) year by year, 1,000 will be built in 2025, and full coverage will be achieved in 2027, providing professional services for community development and residents' diverse and individual needs.

  In the fields of social assistance, elderly care services, and child welfare that the public is concerned about, the "Implementation Opinions" mentioned that services such as resource links, rehabilitation training, social integration, nursing care, emotional companionship, and ability improvement will be provided for civil affairs service objects; Carry out home care, health management, social participation, community care, neighborhood mutual assistance and other services around the elderly with special difficulties, empty nesters living alone, and disabled elderly groups, and establish a social support network for the elderly; Problems, urgent needs and superior resources, formulate plans to provide services, and do a good job in dynamic monitoring and protection.