A job with a fantastic salary in the New York City Council... a director specialized in executing rats

The New York Municipality has announced its need for someone to occupy a position responsible for a department specialized in executing millions of rats scattered in the city and its suburbs.

And the municipality, headed by former police officer Eric Adams, stipulated in its announcement published last Wednesday that whoever aspires to win the position of “director of the rodent control program” attached to the municipality of New York, to devote himself to this job “24 hours a day, every day of the week with determination.”

And Adams wrote yesterday, Thursday, on Twitter: "There is nothing I hate more than rats," encouraging the people of his city to apply for this position with the following phrase: "Your dream job is waiting for you."

It is believed that the number of rats in New York is equal to the number of people, about 9 million, and the famous English novelist Charles Dickens raised this issue after he visited the city in 1842.

According to Wednesday’s announcement, a set of specifications should be available for the person seeking this job, in order for him to be the “ideal candidate” for it, including that he be “very motivated, with enough blood, and determined to study all solutions from different angles, especially to improve efficiency.” operations, data collection, technological innovation, waste management and mass culling of these rodents that proliferate on New York City streets and subways."

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