There is no need to worry about the big cold today (3rd), which is the weekend.

This morning in Seoul, the temperature started at minus 0.2 degrees, about 7 degrees higher than yesterday morning.

The daytime temperature will also rise to 7 degrees, which will be about 4 degrees higher than yesterday and a little higher than normal.

The snow that has been falling in the capital area since dawn has now stopped.

Gangwon inland and mountainous areas will have a little more snow less than 1 cm by the afternoon.

Also, it will snow a little in the mountains of Jeju until tomorrow morning.

In the southern part of the country, it will rain lightly from night.

On the other hand, the air is very dry around the east coast, and the wind blows very strongly in the mountains of Gangwon.

Even small fires must be carefully monitored to prevent forest fires.

The highest temperature during the day will be 7 degrees in Seoul and 11 degrees in Gwangju, higher than yesterday.

Meanwhile, the cold will be strong again tomorrow.

The morning temperature in Seoul will drop to minus 8 degrees.

The heavy rain will continue until early next week.

(Im Eun-jin weather caster)