PFOS and PFOA, which are organic fluorine compounds that have been pointed out to be harmful, have been detected one after another near U.S. military bases in Okinawa and Kanagawa prefectures. We set up a meeting and decided to proceed with the consideration of countermeasures.

Organic fluorine compounds "PFOS" and "PFOA" have been pointed out to be harmful, and their production is prohibited in Japan.

However, in areas around US military bases in Okinawa, Kanagawa, and Aomori prefectures, levels far exceeding the government's provisional targets have been detected one after another in rivers, spring water, and drainage from bases.

Regarding "PFOS" and "PFOA", the Ministry of the Environment has a policy to add them to the designated substances, and is promoting measures such as requiring notification to local governments when they are discharged outside due to accidents.

Furthermore, the Ministry of the Environment has decided to set up an expert meeting at the beginning of the year to consider specific measures.

The conference will consist of experts in public health and other fields, and will determine domestic target values ​​for keeping PFOS and PFOA concentrations low based on international trends, as well as consider methods for monitoring water quality. I'm assuming.

Minister of the Environment Nishimura said, "We received a request from the mayor of Ginowan City, where the Futenma base is located, for countermeasures. In response to this request, we would like to start considering an overall strategy, such as target values ​​for the water environment related to PFOS."