Interviews with officials revealed that the Ministry of Defense is considering increasing the number of Ground Self-Defense Force units in order to further strengthen Okinawa's defense posture.

Five years ago, the Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) was reinforced in order to strengthen its defense posture in Okinawa. is also planned.

According to officials, the 15th Brigade of the Ground Self-Defense Force, which is headquartered in Naha City, is considering a new reinforcement in order to strengthen the defense posture of Okinawa.

The 15th Brigade has one regular department regiment with hundreds of soldiers who conduct battles on the ground, and they are considering increasing this to two.

In addition, after changing the name of the brigade, the rank of the commander will be upgraded, and in order to facilitate cooperation with local governments in the event that evacuation of residents on remote islands becomes necessary, the commander will be given the authority to coordinate. that it is a policy.

In addition, it is also considering setting up a new organization on the main island of Okinawa to accumulate ammunition and fuel necessary to continue operations in the event of an armed attack.

The Ministry of Defense is making final adjustments to include policies for further strengthening the defense posture of the Nansei Islands, including Okinawa, in a document on defense buildup to be compiled at the end of the year.