[Concurrent on-site] Astronaut Deng Qingming's younger brother Li Qinghua

  Life is about constant waiting and hope. I advise you to lay a good foundation, otherwise you will not be able to perform when you meet opportunities and celebrities in the future, and you will regret saying why I didn’t work hard before?

  [Explanation] The family letter in front of me was written by Deng Qingming, an astronaut of "God 15", to his younger brother Li Qinghua who was studying in middle school more than 30 years ago. From these inspirational words, we can vaguely see that Deng Qingming has persisted in pursuing his dream for 25 years state of mind, normality and posture.

  The Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft was successfully launched at 23:08 on November 29.

In the afternoon of the same day, a reporter from China News Agency drove to Deng Qingming's hometown in Dongpi Town, Yihuang County, Jiangxi Province. On a screen in the center of the town, Deng Qingming's meeting with the media on Shenzhou 15 astronauts was played in a scrolling manner. Testimonial video on .

It attracted many neighbors to stop and watch.

  As the evening approached, many relatives and friends gathered at the home of his younger sister Li Saiying.

Outside the door and in the living room, there are calligraphy works written by Deng Qingming before, and a photo of him in a space suit and two family photos hang in the middle of the sofa background wall.

  Facing the camera, Li Qinghua took out a thick stack of family letters from his family and told reporters that his brother has been using letters to convey his thoughts and concerns to his relatives since he left home to join the army.

  [Concurrent] Astronaut Deng Qingming's younger brother Li Qinghua

  These family letters are after he became a soldier and a pilot, he wrote family letters to us, in which he entrusted his hope and concern for us, and I can feel the kind of concern for us.

These family letters are heavy, this is family affection.

  [Explanation] In Li Qinghua's memory, the happiest moment for the whole family at that time was when he received a letter from his brother.

When it comes to the emotional part, he and Li Saiying and other family members beside him have tears in their eyes.

  [Concurrent] Deng Qingming's younger brother Li Qinghua

  Reading home letters with my parents under the kerosene lamp, that kind of feeling is very warm and happy when I think about it now.

These letters reminded me of the time when I was with my parents. My mother couldn't see (my brother went into space), and I felt very sorry.

  [Commentary] On the evening of the 29th, Deng Qingming's family, relatives and friends sat around and watched the live TV broadcast. After the spacecraft was successfully launched into space, many fireworks were set off over his hometown.

  [Concurrent] Li Saiying, sister of Deng Qingming

  I wish him well and well, and I hope he completes his mission.

  [Concurrent] Deng Qingming's niece Chen Zhen

  (Looking forward) After the triumphant return, our whole family can get together to have a New Year's Eve dinner next year during the Chinese New Year.

  Reporter Jiang Tao, Wu Pengquan, Liu Lixin, Jiangxi Yihuang report

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]