, Xiamen, November 29th (Yang Fushan, Lin Wenyan) The Happy Twist 2022 Xiamen original hilarious musical comedy "I Do" jointly produced by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Fujian Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. will The national premiere will be held in Xiamen from December 2nd to 3rd.

  On the 29th, the original drama held a press conference in Xiamen to disclose the above information.

This is the first original drama jointly produced by Happy Twist and Xiamen Culture and Tourism Bureau after it entered Fujian, and it is also a blockbuster work that Happy Twist will promote to the whole country in 2023.

  On the same day, at the event site, all the cast and crew of "I Do" made their debut with enthusiastic singing and dancing and passionate singing, presenting the opening scene of "I Do".

  Jin Lan, general manager of Fujian Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd., introduced to the guests the development history of Happy Twist based on Xiamen's deep cultivation of Bamin and the original intention of the original drama "I Do".

  The main creative team of "I Do" also came on stage one by one.

Directors He Zijun and Cui Jian gave "spoilers" to the storyline when they were interviewed by the hosts. At the same time, they explained how to present the artistic features of "music + hilarious" based on the process of creation and rehearsal.

  Screenwriter Wang Zan specially introduced the profound connotation represented by the title of "I Do".

The male and female leading actors Hao Bo, Yang Wenbo, Cui Qinyi, and Pan Leilei shared their learning and growth process of participating in the play on the spot, and improvised the affectionate confession of the hero and heroine.

All the actors of "I Do" made their debut at the Xiamen press conference.

Photo courtesy of Fujian Happy Twist

  "I Do" tells a magical story that happened in the Xiamen community. What kind of experience is it like to be accompanied by bad luck?

As a successful person, Wu Di, because of a fantastic encounter with bad luck, turned from a boss to an old man overnight, and his free-falling life caused Wu Di to collapse.

  Until meeting a pure and kind girl Zhou Xiaolan in an old community, Wu Di discovered that as long as he gets close to Xiaolan, his bad luck will be weakened.

So he tried his best to get close to Xiaolan. In this way, a story about the conservation of luck began.

  In Xiaolan's community, through getting along with Xiaolan and everyone, Wu Di felt the family affection and precious friendship in the world. He discovered that bad luck can be changed, and no one's fate is always the same. Doomed.

Not only that, Wu Di and Xiaolan persisted in their beautiful love together, and finally had a new life ideal.

  The play incorporates regional elements such as the southern Fujian dialect and Xiamen cuisine in its creation.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the leading actress Cui Qinyi is a young actor who grew up locally in Xiamen. Her participation not only provides a stage for the show "I Do" to show Xiamen's outstanding drama talents, but also allows the actors in the play Xiamen elements are more contagious.