The Plaza México company has officially announced that there will be no

Big Season

2022-2023, according to Mundotoro.

The company's legal efforts to reverse a capricious decision by a judge from the

Benito Juárez Mayor

's Office , the demarcation to which Plaza México belongs, have been in vain: it will not grant permits to celebrate bullfighting in the largest plaza in the world.

The company of the ranchers

Alberto Baillères


Javier Sordo

, affirms, among other things, that


it has exercised its


and all


resources . (...)


will continue to fight the resolutions that have restricted the celebration of bullfighting festivities and he will not rest until he achieves a


result for bullfighting".

And therefore the right of section is also annulled, to whose owners the statement from the Monumental company is directed.

That he will continue programming

other non-bullfighting shows

as up to now .

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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