, Beijing, December 1st. In the last month of 2022, these new regulations will come into effect.

Anti-telecommunication network fraud has special legislative protection, real-name system is implemented for online sales of prescription drugs, and regulatory regulations for trademark agencies are further refined...

Data map: Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Zhangyun

Anti-telecom network fraud law is here

  The "Anti-Telecommunications Network Fraud Law of the People's Republic of China" will come into effect on December 1, 2022. It will strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information, crack down on overseas telecommunications and network fraud, take measures to restrict exit, increase punishment, and stipulate in detail Responsibilities for violations of different institutions, relevant personnel shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law, or administrative penalties such as fines and detention shall be imposed.

Online sales of prescription drugs implement real-name system

  The "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drug Online Sales" will come into effect on December 1, 2022.

The Measures clarifies the qualifications and requirements of pharmaceutical business entities engaged in online sales of pharmaceuticals, and stipulates that vaccines, blood products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs and other drugs that are subject to special management in the country shall not be sold on the Internet.

  The measures require the real-name system to be implemented for online sales of prescription drugs, and prescription review and deployment shall be carried out in accordance with regulations; prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs shall be displayed separately, and it is clarified that information such as packaging and labels shall not be directly displayed on the main page and home page of prescription drug sales; before the prescription review is passed, It is not allowed to display information such as instructions, and it is not allowed to provide services related to the purchase of prescription drugs.

Data map: photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Jing

"Certificate Documents for Exporting APIs to the EU" and "Certificate for Sales of Pharmaceutical Exports" officially launched electronic certificates

  The State Food and Drug Administration announced that starting from December 1, electronic certificates will be used for the issued "Certificate Documents for Exporting APIs to the EU" and "Certificates for Drug Export Sales".

Electronic certificates have the same effect as paper certificates.

Combined with my country's drug export work practice and the latest WHO guidelines, a new template for the "Drug Export Sales Certificate" was launched.

Refinement of regulatory requirements for trademark agencies

  The "Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Trademark Agency" will come into effect on December 1, 2022. It will refine the regulatory regulations for issues such as low entry barriers, too many institutions, irregular operation and management, and uneven service levels in the trademark agency industry.

The regulations require that trademark agencies establish and improve the business management system and business file system, and strengthen the professional ethics and professional discipline education of employees.

Trademark agencies engaged in trademark agency business shall not resort to improper methods such as fraud and deception, and shall not harm national interests, social public interests, or the legitimate rights and interests of others.

The picture shows more than 100 pieces of infringing goods recently seized by the customs at the Capital Airport in the export express channel. Photo by Dong Yinchuan

Strengthening the Safety Management of Railway Dangerous Goods Transportation

  The new version of the "Regulations on the Safety Supervision and Administration of Railway Transport of Dangerous Goods" will come into effect on December 1, 2022.

For the problem of illegal consignment of dangerous goods, the regulations establish a system for shippers to determine the category of dangerous goods, protective measures, special handling stations, submission of certification materials, filling of waybills, emergency contact, etc. , Notification of illegal consignment, signing of safety agreement and other systems.

Give zero-tariff treatment to 98% of tax items in 10 countries

  The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council issued an announcement that starting from December 1, the democratic 98% of the products of 10 least developed countries including the Republic of China, the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Uganda and the Republic of Zambia implement zero tariffs.

Strengthen the management of animal quarantine and animal epidemic prevention activities

  The new version of "Animal Quarantine Management Measures" and "Animal Epidemic Prevention Conditions Review Measures" will come into effect on December 1, 2022.

  The new version of the "Animal Quarantine Management Measures" clarifies that the agricultural and rural authorities are responsible for the supervision and management of animal quarantine, and animal disease prevention and control institutions provide relevant technical support. Qualifications, appointment procedures, training and assessment requirements, etc.

  The new version of the "Animal Epidemic Prevention Conditions Review Measures" stipulates that four types of places, including animal farms, isolation places, slaughtering and processing places, and harmless treatment places, should be equipped with licensed veterinarians or animal epidemic prevention technicians commensurate with their production and operation scale. Persons suffering from infectious diseases are not allowed to directly engage in related activities in the premises.