A traffic safety class was held at an elementary school in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, where the roads that children usually take to school were reproduced and projected in 3D so that they could feel the danger of traffic accidents more realistically.

Thirty-six 3rd graders from Masui Elementary School in Himeji City participated in this class, which was opened by the police.

For traffic investigation, we will use a newly introduced ``3D laser scanner'' to project the school roads that children usually go to and the surrounding buildings on a large screen in 3D.

The screen shows a scene in which a bicycle trying to cross a pedestrian crossing and a car turning left are about to collide.

The children learned what to be careful about when crossing the road by watching videos of dangerous moments that could lead to accidents.

A female student who participated said, "I was nervous when I saw the video. I thought it was important to look left and right and always stop at the 'stop' sign."

Shinya Yamamoto, Chief of the First Traffic Section of the Himeji Police Station, said, "By showing the school route that the children actually use, I think they were able to learn more about dangerous places. I want people to be more aware of traffic safety,” he said.