Solène Delinger 11:58 a.m., November 30, 2022

Queen Sofia is at the heart of a real media storm.

A former mistress of her husband Juan Carlos has indeed released a podcast, "Corinna and the King", in which she makes revelations about her affair with the former king of Spain.

According to a specialist in Spanish royalty, interviewed by "Point of view", Sofia would never have sought to divorce Juan Carlos.

Queen Sofia has always remained at the side of her husband Juan Carlos, despite his infidelities and his legal setbacks.

The escapades of the former king of Spain recently returned to the forefront with the podcast

Corinna and the King,

a podcast in which Corinna Larsen, his former mistress, makes explosive revelations about their affair. 

Corinna accuses Queen Sofia of having fomented the abdication of Juan Carlos

Corinna, who had a relationship with the father of King Felipe VI from 2004 to 2009, notably accuses Queen Sofia of having fomented the abdication of Juan Carlos for the benefit of her son.

These statements caused a great stir in Spain.

But how did Queen Sofia react to it?

According to Pilar Eyre, the author of the biography 

The solitude of the queen: Sophie, a life

, released in 2012, the wife of Juan Carlos has remained particularly calm because she has long accepted her husband's infidelities. 

"His mother always advised him to put up with the infidelities of Juan Carlos"

"We can consider Queen Sofia as a victim of her husband, but she never sought a divorce. She is a queen and she is ambitious", she explains in the columns of

Point of view. 

"Her mother, Frederika of Greece, always advised her to put up with the infidelities of Juan Carlos of Spain. For a long time, many have seen in her a woman indifferent to her husband". 

According to Pilar Eyre, Corinna Larsen is also making "a mistake in giving Sofia so much power over the affairs of the country and in the functioning of the press".

In her podcast, Corinna assures that the queen had informed the press of her affair with Juan Carlos.

But, "the queen has no influence on such a scale", underlines Pilar Eyre, convinced that Queen Sofia has never tried to harm the reputation of her husband's mistress.

The royal expert nevertheless recognizes that Juan Carlos was indeed “madly in love” with Corinna Larsen, as the latter assures…