A member of the Nagano Prefectural Assembly who was arrested for murdering his wife at his home in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture in September last year submitted documents after the incident, showing that he had stayed at the assembly hall in Nagano on the day of the incident. I understand.

The lawmaker denied the charges, saying, "I was staying in Nagano City on the day of the incident," and the police are investigating the details of the day's movements.

Daisuke Maruyama (48), a member of the Nagano Prefectural Assembly, was arrested on suspicion of murder on the 28th for suffocating and killing his wife Nozomi (47) in some way at his home and store in Shiojiri last September. On the 30th, it was sent to the Nagano District Public Prosecutors Office.

According to investigative sources, Maruyama denies the charges, saying, ``On the day of the incident, I stayed at the assembly hall in Nagano City and was away.''

According to the prefectural assembly secretariat, if you stayed at the assembly hall, you can write it in the documents showing that you attended the assembly at a later date. It means that

On the other hand, according to investigative sources, the police analyzed hundreds of security cameras and found that on the day of the incident, a car very similar to the lawmaker's car was driving on mountainous roads avoiding highways, driving from Nagano City to his home. It means that it was moving to a certain Shiojiri city.

Police believe he avoided major roads to hide his intentions to go home.

Liberal Democratic Party Nagano Prefectural Federation Maruyama Prefectural Assembly policy to expel

In response to the arrest of Nagano Prefectural Assembly member Daisuke Maruyama for murdering his wife, prefectural assembly members of the Liberal Democratic Party prefectural assembly, to which members belong to the prefectural assembly, discussed the response on the 30th.

After that, Kiyoshi Hagiwara, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party's prefectural federation, told reporters, ``The party's rules stipulate that if a lawmaker is arrested, he will be expelled.'' clarified.

According to the secretary-general, in the future, in addition to holding a party committee, we will decide on expulsion after hearing the person's explanation through a lawyer.

If you are expelled, you will lose your party membership and party membership.

On the other hand, Secretary-General Hagiwara said about the arrest, "Rep. Maruyama was a junior in high school and usually worked hard. I never imagined that this would happen."