On November 29, at the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, Cheng Youquan, director of the First Supervision Department of the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that the current national epidemic situation is generally developing rapidly, and the epidemic has spread to a wide range of areas. Some places are facing the most complicated and severe situation in the three years since the fight against the epidemic.

"In fact, the problems reported by the masses recently are not mainly aimed at the prevention and control of the epidemic itself, but focus on the simplification of prevention and control measures, the increase in layers, the 'one size fits all', and the neglect of the demands of the masses." Cheng Youquan said that some places arbitrarily expanded the control area. And the scope of personnel, a letter is closed, some places are not unsealed for a long time after being sealed, and some places are "silent" without approval.

At present, special classes for rectification work have been set up in various places, and the comprehensive team of the joint defense and joint control mechanism is dispatching every day to actively and effectively respond to various problems reported by netizens and the people in various places, and transfer them to relevant places for advice. push to resolve.

  He said that each of the 20 optimization measures has sufficient scientific basis and evidence support. Article, in response to some possible risk links, the comprehensive group of the joint defense and joint control mechanism specially formulated four technical documents including nucleic acid testing, risk area delineation and control, home isolation medical observation, and home health monitoring, and put forward preventive and countermeasures. With strict implementation in place, we can effectively reduce the risk of the epidemic.” (Making Yue Ziyan)

Responsible editor: [Song Yusheng]