The district court of Kaiserslautern sentenced Andreas S. to life imprisonment on Wednesday for double murder.

The chamber considered it proven that the thirty-nine-year-old shot two police officers in the Kusel district at the end of January in order to cover up the poaching he had committed.

The judges also determined the particular gravity of the guilt.

This makes it almost impossible for Andreas S. to be released early after 15 years.

His co-defendant Florian V. was found guilty of poaching, but remains unpunished.

Julia Anton

Society Coordinator.

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The chamber followed the demands of the public prosecutor's office.

The accused, however, had presented the act differently from the beginning of the trial.

He blamed his hunting assistant Florian V. for the shots at the 24-year-old police officer, saying that he himself had killed his 29-year-old colleague in a kind of self-defense.

In their pleadings, his defense attorneys rated the act "at most as bodily harm resulting in death", but did not demand a specific sentence.

The two officers were found dead in the Kusel district on January 31.

The 29-year-old police officer had previously reported a traffic stop over the radio with a case of suspected poaching and shortly thereafter made an emergency call.

The act had caused nationwide horror.