Kyoto's Kenninji temple has filed a complaint with the police, claiming that a maple branch that turned red on the grounds was cut without permission.

It is said that an employee of a restaurant in Kyoto city was cutting down trees for decoration of dishes.

According to Kenninji Temple in Gion, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, around 10:30 pm on the 18th of this month, a suspicious group of men with garbage bags were seen by users of the parking lot in the precincts and called out. .

There were three or four maple branches in the bag, and when the temple was contacted by a user and checked the security camera, men climbed the fence near the maple tree on the precincts and felled it. The situation was reflected.

The men claimed to be employees of restaurants in Kyoto and said they intended to use them to decorate dishes.

In the past, another man who claimed to be an employee of the same store had cut maple trees in the precincts and received a warning, so the temple filed a damage report with the police about this cutting.

The restaurant is a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto City that has been rated "two stars" by the world-famous restaurant guide "Michelin Guide". In addition, we are considering future measures.

Toshimichi Asano, director of the internal affairs department of Kenninji Temple, said, "Each of the trees in the temple is an important thing that heals the hearts of the worshipers, and it's really sad that they were hurt. It's not moral that you can take them just because they're beautiful. No. It's a very unfortunate act, and I hope that strict action will be taken to act as a deterrent."