• In “Le Torrent”, José Garcia is dazzling in the role of a man who gets entangled in lies to explain the disappearance of his young wife.

  • Capucine Valmary and André Dussollier star in this thriller by Anne Le Ny.

José Garcia returns in a superb role which demonstrates that auteur cinema suits him like a glove.

Le Torrent

by Anne Le Ny offers him the role of a provincial notable whose rocker when his young wife disappears after a violent argument and he is left alone with his eldest daughter from a first marriage (Capucine Valmary) and to his stepfather (André Dussollier).

“My character is one of those men who have succeeded professionally and who believe that their family is doing well because they have the means to give them beautiful gifts, confides José Garcia to

20 Minutes


He absolutely does not realize that he is not present for his family and in particular for his 18-year-old daughter whom he has always neglected.

José Garcia brings an exceptional seriousness to this broken businessman, sinking into the lie until he can no longer extricate himself from it.

Lover of complexity

“I only go to auteur cinema when the roles are complex, insists José Garcia.

It only interests me if the films are very well written.

I found the requirement I was looking for in this one.

This family suspense happily embroiders around a drama which the viewer has witnessed.

It is therefore very satisfying for the public to see the hero get bogged down in an inextricable situation.

“Unlike the comedies in which I sometimes participate, I didn't need to add more to bring the situations to life: everything was already on paper,” insists the actor.

Director and screenwriter Anne Le Ny, to whom we owe in particular

Those Who Remain


My Father's Guests


La Monnaie for their play

, offers him beautiful face-to-face encounters with André Dussollier which largely contribute to the pleasure one experiences in diving with them into the majestic landscapes of the Vosges.

Garcia Rosé

After this distressing thriller, we will see José Garcia as a bar owner fan of Surrealism in the Spanish film

Esperando a Dali

by David Pujol

and in

Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire

by Guillaume Canet.

This versatile actor is truly never where one might expect him to be.

He even sponsored a wine, mischievously baptized the Garcia rosé!

“I like to surprise others and myself,” he says.

This is how I keep myself in shape.

A form as dazzling as his performance in

Le Torrent


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