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Amal Al-Minshawi

@amalalmenshawi @amalalmenshawi

December 01, 2022

Every day begins a new story and an interesting tale, in which history and civilization are underlined with a different concept.

You will find it where hope is not known as impossible, and sustenance is divisible by everyone, where streets and houses can easily accommodate human beings without discrimination.

You find it, where faces are joyful and souls are together, so there is no hatred or grudge, where “fear” is a custom and solidarity through which crises pass without fear or panic, where the biggest title in all words: “Do not be paralyzed.”

You find it, where the safest cities around the world and security are a red line, where identity counters attempts to obliterate or distort, and culture that preserves morals.

You will find it where the streets, museums, and stores are, a future crowding the present with imagination, creativity, and dazzling, and promising that the next is more beautiful and better.

You will find it, where man is wealth, excellence is a means, and the first place is a goal without which you will not be satisfied with an alternative, where the light of the book, the challenge of reading, the land of opportunities, and the first preferred destination for Arab youth for work and life.

You will find it on Flag Day, in the hearts of the martyrs, over their pure blood, and in the midst of the prayers of everyone who lives on its soil: “Long live my country… long live the union of our emirates.”

You find it in the harmony of people of different natures, and in their commitment to order and law, and in an era cut off by a people whose “religion is Islam … the gift of the Qur’an.”

You find it where life wakes up every morning to a new achievement, a new building, and a new plan, where time is a life that should not be neglected or wasted.

You find her, in the sparkle of her children's eyes, confidence, optimism, pride and pride in the legacy of fathers and grandfathers, and openness to the world without imitation or vulgarity, so it is not surprising that the world welcomed them at all airports.

You find it, where men are fixed positions, so there is no flattery, hypocrisy or transformation, where the word is like a sword and a categorical promise that cannot be turned back, no matter how circumstances change, where judgment is an assignment, agreement and solidarity without division or disagreement.

You find it, where the outstretched hand of its siblings, the country that is most generous to the world, the good granted without favor or favor, where generosity is instinct, and the door is open to welcome everyone, in implementation of the commandment of the founding father: “Sustenance is God’s provision.”

It is the Emirates on the 51st Union Day, a country of modernity and brilliance, which cherishes its Islamic and Arab roots and heritage, looks forward as usual, rises above the trivialities, and collects an army of 10 million residents on its land, granting them without distinction the nationality of a “human”, knowing their destiny and respecting their rights;

Therefore, it is not surprising that her feast is a feast in every home, her days are an inspiring story for generations, her story is a role model, her days are beautiful, and her occasions are happy.

The 51st Union Day of the United Arab Emirates «Your Fortress in the Name of God, O Homeland».

• Her feast is a feast in every home.. and her days are an inspiring story for generations.. her story is a role model.. her days are beautiful.. and her occasions are happy.


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