Why doesn't everyone do it! Battle of "only one" rugby club member November 30th 11:21

With the arrival of winter, high school and university national tournaments are held, and the full-fledged rugby season begins.

This fall, I learned that there was a rugby club with only one member, which was facing the final tournament aiming for the national tournament, and headed to the interview.

The one who jumped in was a figure silently practicing alone on a large ground.

His single-minded demeanor captured my heart and did not let go.

(Kitakyushu Broadcasting Station Reporter Naoki Ishii)

No one to pass...

Tomoya Fujigami is a third-year student at Fukuoka Prefectural Kurate High School.

I'm the only rugby team member at school.

Mr. Fujigami

: “When my seniors retired and I started practicing by myself, I saw other club activities and honestly felt envious of the number of people. It's already gone."

Fujigami-kun spoke so brightly.

But if you look at

the practice... kick practice is towards the net.

There is no opponent at the end of the pass.

His mentor, who has been watching over him, says that the reason he was able to continue playing rugby even when he was alone was because of his humanity.

Rugby Club Advisor Tsutomu Takakura

"I think he's a student who has the personality to be loved by people because his passion for rugby is conveyed to those around him. He doesn't say much about it, but he continues to practice alone." I think it's extremely difficult to do so, so I would like to support him as a senior rather than as an advisor until he retires."

OB also rushed to the ground and supported Fujigami-kun.

Mr. Yoshishige Goto

"I think they are doing very well. Without Fujigami, the club might have ended a year earlier. Because Fujigami is continuing, all the OBs feel that there is a Kurate High School Rugby Club. I'm watching at

There were more than 40 people at the peak, but...

The Kurate High School Rugby Club was founded about 40 years ago.

At its peak, the club had more than 40 members, but due to the declining birthrate and other factors, the number of members has gradually decreased, and five years ago, it finally fell short of the 15 members needed for a match.

Since then, we have formed a joint team with another high school that also lacks members and are facing the game.

This situation is not limited to Kurate High School.

According to statistics from the Japan Sports Agency, the number of people participating in sports clubs is declining nationwide, and is expected to decrease by about 30% in 2048 compared to its peak in 2009, or less than half depending on the sport. I'm here.

What I like more than 3 meals

Fujigami-kun has endured practicing alone, but he can't stand the fact that the rugby club will disappear from his alma mater.

At the school festival, I called out loudly to all the students not to extinguish the tradition passed down from their seniors.

"Is there anything you like more than three meals




I appealed desperately, but I couldn't get a new friend.

With the green socks that have been inherited

The last competition we had.

Because it is a tournament system, if you lose, you will retire.

Fujigami-kun, who is the captain of the joint team, went into the match with a strong determination.


: "Let's show everything we've done. Let's win and finish with a smile!"

All the joint team jerseys are the same, but the socks are from each high school.

Fujigami-kun entered the ground wearing green socks inherited from his seniors.

The former members of the rugby club are also watching from the stands, saying, "I want you to show off your hard work alone."

The match will be a back-and-forth offense and defense, with each other's stubbornness clashing, and Fujigami-kun will contribute to the team with his honed tackles and passes.

Just before the end of the game with a tie.

The joint team is robbed of the try by the opponent and is led by 5 points.

But right after that.

The joint team shows their will.

At the last minute, they scored a try and tied the score.

If the last conversion kick succeeds, it is a reversal.

While the OBs are watching with bated breath...

The joint team that decided this.

It was a dramatic victory that united everyone's desire to never lose.

never "one"

Fujigami-kun spoke to everyone as the captain.


: “The reason why we were able to win such a close match was because everyone came to school with a small number of people every day, and the gods of rugby looked after us, so I think it led to the final kick. Let’s win again!”

I can play my favorite rugby match again with this member.

Some members were overwhelmed with joy and cried.


: A joint team is like a collection of points, but in a match like this, everyone becomes one big mass and can move forward toward victory. I am very happy to have won.”

Fujigami-kun, who just loved rugby, was never alone.

The dignity of doing what you love

“Only one member of the rugby club”

I myself was conflicted about giving this title.

Because he aimed to try with many people.

The joint team lost in the second round after this, but it means that they were satisfied with the content of the match.

Through the interview, I learned the preciousness of doing what I love from Mr. Fujigami, who is 8 years younger than me.

It is said to be "the beauty of the end", but the appearance of Fujigami-kun, who faced the last game with his love for rugby in his heart, was just a beautiful word.

Kitakyushu Broadcasting Station Reporter

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