"Thank you very much for being part of journalism."

EL MUNDO has reached 100,000 digital subscribers this November, a milestone that far exceeds any forecast three years ago, when it became the first national medium to launch a digital payment model in Spain.

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"Thank you for being part of EL MUNDO"

, director

Joaquín Manso began

his speech before


newspaper subscribers who gathered this Wednesday for an emotional string and piano concert performed by students from the

Reina Sofía School of Music

, of which Unidad Editorial, editor of EL MUNDO, is patron of the double bass chair.

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THE WORLD exceeds 100,000 digital subscribers

  • Writing: EL MUNDO Madrid

THE WORLD exceeds 100,000 digital subscribers


This has been the path to 100,000 subscribers to El Mundo

  • Writing: VICENTE RUIZ*

This has been the path to 100,000 subscribers to El Mundo

"Never, in 33 years of the newspaper, have we had so many subscribers," said Manso, who has highlighted plurality as the flagship of

an "innovative and irreverent" medium


After the concert, which ended with a standing ovation, readers were able to talk with the main firms of the newspaper.

Cristina García

, 31, a Premium subscriber for two years, told

Vicente Ruiz

, deputy director of EL MUNDO, that she did not miss the Adelanto Premium Newsletter every day.

"You have to capture the youngest readers or we will have a lost generation," suggested

Marta Elena Llorente

, a digital subscriber, to the director and

Leyre Iglesias

, deputy director of Opinion.

"My wife sleeps with you every night,"

Gabriel Ruiz

, an Orbyt subscriber, joked to

Emilia Landaluce

, columnist and head of LOC.

The meeting with the subscribers was also attended by

Nicola Speroni

, General Director and Counselor of Unidad Editorial;

Javier García Pagán

, general director of the News area of ​​Unidad Editorial and

José Jesús López Gálvez




"You have done very well, I have subscribed from the beginning,"

Víctor Córdoba

assured the columnist and editor of Cultura

Antonio Lucas


Álvaro Cuenca

recently became Premium, and encouraged, in conversation with

Jorge Bustos

, that the newspaper continue to be "just as wild".

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