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Dirar Balhoul Al Falasi


December 01, 2022

In one of the sophistical dialogues, an Egyptian friend described a character known as “Hamraqa”!

So I asked him what is “Al-Hamraqa”?

His answer was;

It is to search for explanations and pretexts to justify your lies about the promises you made, and to justify your continuation of the fraud process to obtain new payments.

When I sat between myself and myself, I began to think about the “fools” that we have and the term we use to describe them.

It is certain that these two adjectives are common among the peoples of the Gulf and the region, by which they mean the capricious and hypocritical person, and in a closer sense to them “the opportunist”!

The resourceful person who seizes opportunities and deceives people for his own interests.

There is also a political term used to describe countries that have political contradictions, which is (political gymnastics). In every department, institution or ministry there must be a “gymnast” who often appears on his “Hollywood smile” features for the sake of his interests and is ready to play a game with you. The ladder and the snake” until he reaches his goal, the masks he wears are difficult to reveal, and he only calms down by sitting on the chair you sit in front of him.

Unfortunately, I see that this type of human being is able to reach the highest positions with his behavior, unlike those who work hard and do not leave the computer screen and stacked papers. He performs his duties to the fullest without delving into his private matters with you.

A message for every manager and official. Evaluate your employees for the performance they perform and not for the words of praise and flattery they utter, because deep down they smell it!

Her path indicates: social gymnastics, and I mean social hypocrisy in our time is the variegation in relationships, and the lack of clarity in attitudes, principles, and conversations for the purpose of corruption or personal benefit.

What is the ugliest gymnastics or humiliation, for it is “a sick interior and a beautiful exterior.”



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