With a cold wave warning issued across the country, sub-zero cold will continue during the day.

Up to 7 cm of snow is also expected on the west coast.

Yang Yang, a weathercaster, delivers detailed weather.


Today (30th) morning, a cold wave warning was issued nationwide as the weather changed rapidly, with the temperature in Seoul dropping to minus 6.9 degrees.

Now, the special warning has been alleviated with a warning mainly in the south, but the momentum of the cold will not be touched even during the day.

From now on, the maximum temperature during the day will be minus 3 degrees in Seoul, zero degrees in Daejeon, and minus 5 degrees in Daegwallyeong.

Even in the southern region, where the temperature is relatively higher, the actual sensory temperature will not recover as the cold wind blows incessantly.

Even tonight, the weather will get colder, and tomorrow morning, Seoul will reach the peak of this cold wave at minus 9 degrees.

Until Friday, the video rights will not be restored even during the day, so the cold below zero will continue.

Meanwhile, in the cold, snow clouds are forming in the west coast.

In the future, more than 7 cm of snow will fall in the western part of Jeonbuk and 1 to 3 cm more in the west coast by tomorrow.

The snow that fell in the cold will be frozen as it is, and the road will be able to fulfill the ice sheet.

You should also be aware of traffic accidents and falls.

Although the momentum of the cold will slow down for a while around the weekend, the colder weather than usual will continue for a while.

(Taebin Yang, weather caster)