Recently, Zhao Lusi, Yu Shuxin, Zhang Jingyi, and Tian Xiwei have been dubbed as post-95 newcomers. They have become popular with hit dramas and handed over their masterpieces in 2022.

The four of them are not only about the same age, but also look like "sweet girls". Suddenly, the sweetness factor in the entertainment industry skyrocketed.

However, the out-of-group roles of these few people are not limited to "sweetness". Being able to infuse female power under the sweet appearance is the way for the young post-95s to grow.

  In order of age, Yu Shuxin is 27 years old, Tian Xiwei is 25 years old, Zhao Lusi is 24 years old, and Zhang Jingyi is 23 years old.

In terms of the broadcast order of popular works, "The Brilliant Stars and the Moon Rising to the Sea" starring Zhao Lusi will be broadcast in July, "Canglan Jue" starring Yu Shuxin will be broadcast in August, and "Light Me Up, Warm You" starring Zhang Jingyi will be broadcast. " was launched in early November, and "Daily Life" starring Tian Xiwei was broadcast in mid-November.

The four belong to the "sweet girl" category in terms of appearance. Their facial features are round and soft, rather than sharp and cold. Their smiles are contagious and friendly, and it is difficult to smell aggressive.

  Compared with the baby faces of the other three, Zhao Lusi is a rare melon-seeded face, but her chubby face and crescent eyes when she smiles still allow her to be classified as a "sweet girl".

Previously in "The Rumored Chen Qianqian" and "Oh!

In works such as "My Majesty the Emperor", Zhao Lusi fully revealed her ghostly and elf side.

In "The Brilliant Stars, The Moon Rises to the Sea" aired this summer, she successfully portrayed Cheng Shaoshang as a smart, cunning, resolute and brave heroine, and at the same time, she did not forget to contribute "dramatic" scenes such as pretending to be dizzy and cross-eyed .

The popularity of "Brilliant Stars·Moon Rising to the Sea" made Zhao Lusi gain a firm foothold in the entertainment industry.

Zhao Lusi also played Tian Zao, the director of the neighborhood committee, in "Hutong" this year. Her sweet appearance and ghostly performance interpreted the character's unbridled and unruly character, and also made people see the possibility of her starring in a drama.

In the S+ series "Let's Try the World", Zhao Lusi also partnered with Yang Yang, a top student.

  Recently, Zhao Lusi was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the "Golden Lotus" Awards at the 13th Macau International Television Festival for her role in "Brilliant Stars·Moon Rising to the Sea".

Also nominated are Sun Li, Bai Baihe, Yin Tao, Yuan Quan, Reyiza, Liu Yifei, Jiang Shuying, Lan Yingying, etc. Zhao Lusi is the only post-95 actress.

From many perspectives, Zhao Lusi has taken the lead by at least one position among the post-95 florets.

  Known to the public as an idol through the talent show, it is not easy for Yu Shuxin to make a breakthrough in the field of acting with the label of "small master".

In "The Next Stop Is Happiness", she played Cai Minmin who unexpectedly became a fan.

In the hit drama "Canglan Jue", Yu Shuxin's performance changed from the weak and kind-hearted little Lanhua in the early stage to the goddess Xiyun who saved the peace of the three worlds in the later stage. views have greatly changed.

The subsequent broadcast of "Little Forest of Two People" allowed Yu Shuxin to maintain her popularity for a period of time. Next, she also held popular dramas such as "Legend of Sword and Fairy 6", and her film and television potential has yet to be tapped.

However, Yu Shuxin's own limitations are also obvious. Her whiny "clip sound" can easily make people confuse the character with "Yu Shuxin Benxin". Blessed with the script.

  Zhang Jingyi is an actor with both big and small screens. She can show a high-end "movie face", and she can perform more than enough in film and television dramas. She is the most likely to go higher and farther among the post-95 florets actor.

In previous works such as "The Sky of the Wind Dog" and "I Want Us Together", she always showed the image of her first love on campus, Bai Yueguang, and she has always been intertwined with sadomasochism.

In the recently aired "Ignite Me, Warm You", Zhu Yun played by Zhang Jingyi also left a deep impression on the audience. Her brave pursuit of love and her persistent dedication brought a lot to the emotional line in the play. A solid texture.

It is a blessing for the actors and works to have talented actors appear in idol dramas.

  The recent hit "Daily Life of Qingqing" brought Tian Xiwei, a new face, into the attention of the public.

Her appearance is very memorable, with a baby face, grape eyes, small pear dimples, overflowing collagen, and almost all the sweet elements. No wonder she is called "sweet girl ceiling" by netizens.

Someone said, "I'm a girl, and I've been sweetened to the core."

  In "Daily Life of Qingqing", Li Wei played by Tian Xiwei is also a "sweet girl" character.

In fact, such a role is not easy to play, the character is simple, it is easy to make the character flat, sweet and cute can also become artificial.

However, Tian Xiwei's performance was measured. She was sweet but not greasy, coquettish and not tiresome, and naturally engraved her cute cells in her DNA, instead of being as rigid as pouting and staring.

In the play, Li Wei can change from a scumbag to a tyrant through hard work, and can often break the stereotypes, come up with ingenious ideas, and pass happiness and open-mindedness to the people around her. A smart and responsible "sweet girl" is very It's hard not to like it.

  Through "Qingqing Daily", Tian Xiwei can be said to have soared into the sky, allowing everyone to see her spirituality in acting.

Previously, the roles she took were either small supporting roles, or small-cost sweet pet web dramas.

In 2020, she played the energetic girl Huang Chengzi in the youth school drama "So Lovely Us". This drama received 8.1 points of praise on Douban, which also made Tian Xiwei favored by the industry.

Before "Qingqing Daily" became popular, Tian Xiwei was added to the ranks of "to be exploded", possessing high-quality resources that cannot be underestimated.

Next, Tian Xiwei has a new version of "Marrying the Right Man on the Wrong Sedan Chair" to be broadcast, in which she plays the role of Huang Yi in the original version.

  A netizen left a message on Yu Zheng's Weibo asking "How is Tian Xiwei?" Yu Zheng personally commented: "It's pretty good, seeing her is like seeing Zhao Lusi back then!" On the track of homogeneous competition.

Previously, the TV series "Can't Hide Secretly" based on the popular IP staged a casting storm. The heroine Sang Zhi changed from Tian Xiwei, who was originally very popular, to Zhao Lusi.

It seems that eating in the same pot as the "sweet girl" will inevitably have to grab food.

(Liu Yuhan)

  (Source: Qilu Evening News, November 30, 2022, version A12)