China News Service, Chengdu, November 29th (Shan Peng) "Looking up at the mountains and looking back at the east slope - Su Shi Theme Exhibition" was launched at the Sichuan Museum in Chengdu on the 29th. A total of 274 fine cultural relics were exhibited, including Su Shi's authentic work "Xiaoxiang Rare exhibits such as Bamboo and Stone Picture, Dongting Spring Ode Zhongshan Pine Mash Fu Juan, and Yang Xian Tie.

The exhibition will run until March 5, 2023.

  The themed exhibition is divided into two chapters: "Special Exhibition of Cultural Relics on Su Shi's Theme" and "Exhibition of Masters of Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting". Cultural contemporary painting and calligraphy works.

  The "Su Shi-themed cultural relics special exhibition" is divided into four units. The first unit "Three Heroes Conceived in Shu" tells the era of the life of the three Su fathers and sons, and shows the situation of Sichuan's economic prosperity, cultural prosperity and talents in the Song Dynasty.

The second unit "A Life of Ups and Downs" tells about Su Shi's life experience.

The third unit, "The All-rounder Once in a Millennium", focuses on Su Shi's outstanding creative talent and presents Su Shi's supreme achievements in literature, art and other fields.

The fourth unit "The Taste of the World is Qinghuan" shows Su Shi's "circle of friends" and uses it to glimpse the group portraits of celebrities in the Northern Song Dynasty.

exhibition site.

Photo courtesy of Sichuan Museum

  "Su Shi is well-known throughout the ages and is quite influential overseas. This themed exhibition hopes to tell about Su Dongpo's life with thousands of faces, and show the audience a Su Dongpo with flesh and blood." The chief curator of this exhibition and the vice president of Sichuan Museum Xie Dan said in an interview that the most important thing about this themed exhibition is to reflect Su Shi's ups and downs in life and his optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.

In addition to Su Shi's extremely rare authentic works handed down in the world, this exhibition also exhibits highly popular cultural relics from Sichuan Museum, such as Song Huizong's "Picture of Wintersweet and Two Birds", Song "Song Yu" lyre, hibiscus flower calendula, as well as porcelain, gold and silver wares , bronzes, calligraphy and paintings and other fine cultural relics of the Song Dynasty.

  It is worth mentioning that the "Xiaoxiang Bamboo and Stone Picture" on display is one of the representative works of Su Shi's painting art.

Su Shi lived nearly a thousand years ago, and his calligraphy or handed down items are very rare.

This long-scroll composition "Xiaoxiang Bamboo and Stone Picture" is set at the confluence of Xiaoxiang and Xiangshui, west of Lingling, Hunan. The state of mind and strong character at that time are very important cultural relics." Xie Dan said.

exhibition site.

Photo courtesy of Sichuan Museum

  In order to shorten the distance between the audience and Su Shi, many scenes of Song-style aesthetics were restored on site, including the study of Sansu and his son, Hangzhou West Lake, which is "sparkling and sunny", and "Ancient Picture of Bamboo Courtyard" painted by Qiu Ying in Ming Dynasty In the middle, Su Shi, Mi Fu and other friends appreciate the scene of ancient relics and cultural play.

The audience can also "take photos" with the ancients of the Northern Song Dynasty in the restored scene of "The Elegant Collection of the West Garden" and "become" a literati in the Elegant Collection of the West Garden.