Whoever eats on his tooth benefits himself


Yousef al-Sharif


November 30, 2022

Confrontations often occur between us and our children, or sometimes with some people in our society, especially when we find them insisting on refraining from doing something right or stubbornness in doing wrong actions out of stubbornness and nervousness, and perhaps many of us have gone through this situation, for example you ask your children to work hard Studying, and you find them not accepting or threatening not to study them as a response to what they do not like, or a way of negotiation they follow to get what they want.

And the matter is not limited to studying only, you may find them refraining from eating or drinking or even going out for a picnic for the same motive and purpose, and in the end we find that whoever uses such a method harms only himself, and that if a person studies or strives, it is beneficial for him and himself in the first place One, and here the effect is not only on the boys, but on anyone even ourselves.

If you wanted something or refrained from it, know that the benefit or harm is up to you alone, and no one will share it with you. When your parents are stubborn, you must know that the way of life says that no one is left for you except yourself, and you have to improve your education, control it and urge it on the right calendar and path. proper.

Apart from our children, you find that some men also constantly threaten their wives, threatening to marry another woman as a form of intimidation, and they use the threat method to obtain some of their rights, or even to impose some laws on their home and family, and there are men who use it without the intention of marrying, only from The “Leaning the Arm” section, while the issue of marriage, whether from the first, second, or third, should not be based on the reaction of the other party, and such childishness spoils marital life. Using it as a language of threat to your partner, no matter what harm your partner suffers from your decision, you will also bear its consequences, or at least the consequences of your words.

Many people resort to this method to obtain their requests, for example some people who are drug users who have undergone treatment and are integrated into society, you find them threatening in one way or another that they will return to addiction as a form of pressure on their surroundings and society, and despite their recovery from addiction, they cling to it from time to time And the other, and they take the issue of their return to the world of drugs as a pressure card on those around them, when they are not given a suitable job, they threaten, and when they do not find some demands from their family, society, or even their country, you find them using the language of threats and intimidation, while your decision to become addicted is harmful to your person and your death And your decisions and your courage to get rid of this scourge is an irreplaceable opportunity not to return to it, whatever the reason, and if you want to return again and return as an addict who is a criminal against yourself and the right of your society, then your fate will be nothing but punishment and destruction, and what you threaten with will not harm anyone but yourself.

What I wanted to put forward here is that we sometimes use the method of threat, abstention, and refusal, even though we are the beneficiaries or the losers. The mother threatens to get angry at her son for not fulfilling her desire, which is harmful to him and his life, so she is the loser, as she has lost one of her wings in life, and when the young man threatens to drop out of the university if he gets such and such, he is the loser for his future and his life, so the decision is yours, dear young man, and you are the biggest loser And no one will care about your suffering except yourself, and this is the case in everything in our life. When we decide to do something or refrain from it, we are the ones who are harmed or the winners, and we must always choose what wins us, so no one will last for you except yourself, and as the popular proverb says: “He who eats On his tooth, he benefits himself.”

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