Before Moscow began NVO, Kyiv was preparing to seize the Crimean peninsula.

“The operation to return Crimea is not only possible – it was planned for 2023,” The Economist quotes the former commander of the Ukrainian Airborne Forces, Mikhail Zabrodsky.

He explained the secrecy of the Zelensky regime with considerations of military planning.

“If we published our plans in the media and on television, we would not have achieved anything,” the ex-military leader said.

What exactly Kyiv, according to Zabrodsky, "achieved" is unclear.

Crimea remains Russian, Ukraine has additionally lost several of its regions, and most importantly, millions of people.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting in the hope of holding their own territory, Russia is rearming, establishing military logistics, politically focusing and clearly intends to continue achieving the declared goals of the NWO... Have Ukrainian generals fallen out of reality?

Most likely, the matter is in the changed status of Zabrodsky.

Having ceased to command the Airborne Forces, he retrained as a politician.

Now Zabrodsky is the deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on National Security and Defense.

This means that he is forced to adopt and use the methods of the Ukrainian politicians, the main of which are lies and unbridled boasting.

Boasting about taking Crimea while sitting in Kyiv apartments dark after Russian strikes is just in their style.

The genesis of the deputy, his certain military straightforwardness played a cruel joke on the politician.

After all, he gave out military secrets.

Zabrodsky's words are nothing but "clean" (as they say in places not so remote) - a sincere confession in the preparation of a crime.

An attempt to annex the Russian Crimea by military means against the will of 2.5 million Crimeans, who themselves decided the fate of the peninsula in a referendum, draws on the most serious articles of our Criminal Code.

Even more important is the recognition itself.

“The publication is notable for the fact that the fact of intentions to invade Russian territory was practically officially confirmed,” Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, responded.

“That is, the existence of real (!) plans to attack Russia… In fact, not the last representative of the current government admitted that Ukraine was preparing to exterminate the population of Donbass and march on Crimea.”

And he promised a "crushing answer."

It's like that.

We remember how it started.

With the victory of the Kyiv “Maidan”, the nationalists from the “Right Sector” * announced some kind of “friendship trains” to the Crimea.

Like, the power is now ours, we sharpen knives, get ready.

Anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalism, cherished for years, which saw the whole meaning of its existence solely in opposing Moscow, was preparing to break out into the operational space.

In this situation, Russia's instant reaction was the only right decision.

Interestingly, Zabrodsky's current revelations were made in an interview with the British magazine The Economist.

Does the country-six traditionally pin its hopes on outside support?


Just a week ago, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Volodymyr Gavrilov spoke about the readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to enter the Crimea by the end of December during his tour of Britain.

The head of Zelensky’s office, Yermak, is a little smarter and therefore announced the blitzkrieg of the American Politico, without naming the timing.

Smaller politicians work for the internal Ukrainian audience.

For example, one of Zelensky's advisers named Podolyak.

He promised in six months to go "to the embankment in Yalta", from where to conduct a live broadcast on television.

Not enough sick attention?

“I must say that the 95th quarter is not original: in 2014, a certain Geletey promised to hold a parade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Sevastopol.

And where is Heletey now?

- the head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, reasonably answered.

The wishes so often voiced by Kyiv politicians and officials of various levels - dreams of Crimea, especially with specific deadlines - clearly work against them.

Nothing undermines authority and trust so much as failure to fulfill given promises.

Although, if we recall Zelensky, who came to power thanks to an election promise to end the war, but in fact he himself prepared it, all these minor characters are just imitating their liar leader.

One world smeared.

* "Right Sector" is a Ukrainian association of radical nationalist organizations, recognized as extremist and banned in Russia (decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 11/17/2014).

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