Tateyama City and Kamogawa City in Chiba Prefecture have been aiming to realize a "local number" for automobiles, but they decided to postpone the introduction due to disagreement over the "place name".

The three cities of Tateyama, Kamogawa, and Minamiboso in Chiba Prefecture, as well as Kyonan Town, use the ``Sodegaura'' car license plate. I've been considering.

According to a questionnaire survey, more than 80% were in favor of the introduction, and

among the residents of the three cities and one town,

▽ "Minamiboso" was the most popular at 26%,

followed by "Abo" at 22%, and

▽"Tateyama" at 11 %.

% etc.

However, "Minamiboso" is also relatively unpopular with residents of Tateyama and Kamogawa. rice field.

A man in his 60s from Tateyama said, "I'm not familiar with the Sodegaura number, so it's a pity that I was sent off."

Tomoyuki Miyazawa, 56, manager of the Tateyama City Planning Division, commented, "It was very difficult to get the residents' ideas together. was talking