It is really cold this morning (30th).

A cold wave warning has been issued in most parts of the country.

Our weathercaster said that while he was out early in the morning to deliver the weather news, the sound of strong wind knocking on the window kept him awake at night.

As much as the wind blows strong today, you will feel colder.

Sujin Ahn Let's connect Caster.

I even put on gloves and earplugs, it must be really cold. 


The season has changed from autumn to winter.

The temperature has dropped by 15 to 20 degrees compared to yesterday as a cold snap hit the country.

I also wore gloves and two winter padding layers like this today.

I put on earplugs and paid special attention to keeping warm, but even if I stand outside for a while, the wind pierces every corner of my body and makes me shiver.

When you go out to work today, you should pay special attention to the cold by wearing not only a winter coat, but also gloves and a scarf.

A cold wave warning has been issued in most parts of the country.

This is the first time since the introduction of the current cold wave special warning system.

If you look closely at the temperature, the current temperature in Daegwallyeong is minus 9 degrees, in Jecheon it has dropped to 4.9 degrees in the sea below zero, and in Seoul it is -6 degrees Celsius, which is a drop of nearly 20 degrees compared to the same time yesterday.

On top of that, the wind is strong, so the coldness felt on the actual street hovers around minus 10 degrees.

Even during the day, it will be cold all day, such as minus 3 degrees in Seoul and 0 degrees in Daejeon.

A strong wind warning is also issued around the coast.

In the Yeongdong area, even a dry warning is in effect, so you need to manage the fire thoroughly.

Due to the influence of cloud belts created in the West Sea, up to 7cm of snow will fall in the western Jeollabuk-do and mountainous areas of Jeju, and 1-3cm of snow will fall and pile up in Chungnam, western Jeonnam, and Ulleungdo.

Tomorrow, too, snow and rain will continue in the west coast and Jeju.

From Friday daytime, the daytime temperature will recover the video zone.

(Ahn Su-jin weather caster)