Three death row inmates at the Osaka Detention Center have filed a petition demanding that the government suspend the execution of the death penalty, claiming that execution by hanging violates the Constitution and international human rights conventions, which prohibit cruel punishment. caused

Three death row inmates who were confined to the Osaka Detention Center after being sentenced to death more than 10 years ago filed a lawsuit with the Osaka District Court, two of whom are in the process of requesting a retrial.

Article 11, Paragraph 1 of the Penal Code stipulates that the death penalty shall be executed by hanging in a penal institution.

According to the lawsuit, the three death row inmates allege that hanging is cruel and inhumane and violates international human rights conventions as well as Article 36 of the Constitution, which prohibits cruel punishment.

On top of that, he has been exposed to the fear of hanging for a long time since he was sentenced to death, and he is asking the government to stop the execution by hanging and provide compensation.

In Japan, in search of a less cruel method, hanging was chosen in the Meiji era, and since then it has not been changed for 140 years. However, I am appealing to the public that the actual situation of hanging should be clarified and discussed.

Lawyer Yasushi Mizutani, who represented the death row prisoner, said, ``The death penalty is to atone for a crime by depriving a person of life, and inflicting pain is not the content of the punishment. We are improving as much as possible.”