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- [Evening Briefing] Things awakened by the World Cup and the 'butterfly effect'

- [Newsspring] "Xi Jinping's resignation" simultaneous protests... why it's not serious

- [Newsspring] "Work start order issued!" only Will there be an answer if it continues

? First, an evening briefing.

The World Cup reminds us of what lies beyond football and creates an unexpected butterfly effect.

A typical example is the blank demonstration in China, and in China, which is difficult to see except for control demonstrations, 'anti-government' protests are spreading beyond 'anti-blockade'.

International repercussions surrounding the human rights situation in Iran are also growing.

Protests spread among Chinese who watched 'No Mask' crowd

'Blank demonstrations' are spreading in China, starting with opposition to the 'zero corona policy', gradually shouting for freedom and human rights, and even criticizing President Xi Jinping.

So, the nature of the protests is changing from 'anti-blockade' to 'anti-government'.

The reason why the West as well as the Chinese authorities are closely watching is because of this change in the nature of the protests.

It can be said that there is a fuse and catalyst for the protests. First of all, it can be seen as the 11/24 Urumqi fire disaster that became the fuse.

Ten people were killed in a fire in an apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and claims that 'the loss of life was great due to the corona blockade' came out, and it spread to the memory of the victims and the corona blockade protests.

There is an analysis that the Qatar World Cup is the catalyst for the spread of protests.

How can the World Cup being held in the faraway Middle East affect the protests?

Hong Kong's Myungbo published an analysis article saying that Chinese people were openly expressing their anger at the World Cup in Qatar, when they saw fans around the world cheering with their masks off.

Myeong-bo said, "For three years, as the high-ranking officials emphasized zero corona without any change, the ability of lower-level executives to implement was increasingly exaggerated. This suppressed atmosphere has already caused a 'qualitative change' in public opinion." Diagnosed.

He said, "In the few days after the World Cup started, voices about quarantine policies quickly changed on the Chinese Internet. People have recently begun to openly express their anger."

In fact, a post titled 'Ten Questions' about corona prevention was posted on social media, saying, "The spectators watching the World Cup in Qatar do not wear masks or require PCR tests. They live on the same planet as the Chinese. Is that right? Doesn't the Corona 19 virus hurt them?"

'Rainbow Armband' Possibility of Court Battle

There are also reports that the Chinese authorities are censoring the World Cup relay screen.

It means that the screen of the cheerleaders who are not wearing masks is intentionally covered.

There are many videos on social media comparing the FIFA official screen and the screen aired in China.

If you look at the comparison video, you can see that on the FIFA screen, there is a scene of a cheering squad waving a national flag without a mask, but the Chinese state-run CCTV has changed and sent out the players, officials, and stadiums.

AFP news agency reported that CCTV sent out videos containing distant screens where it was difficult to distinguish people's faces and places with relatively few spectators.

It can be seen that the authorities are blocking some screens while censoring the relay screens, and it is like admitting that the appearance of foreigners enjoying the game without masks is stimulating Chinese people's antipathy to the corona blockade.

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[Newsspring] "Xi Jinping's resignation" simultaneous protests... unusual reason

Protests against China's high-intensity quarantine policy, the so-called 'zero corona' policy, are spreading throughout China.

Protests that started last weekend in university districts have spread to major cities such as Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Guangzhou, as well as Beijing, the capital.

Slogans such as “Leave the Communist Party,” “Leave Xi Jinping,” and “Against dictatorship” appeared.

why is it important

● There have been sporadic anti-lockdown protests before.

However, most of them were 'livelihood' protests such as "Give me something to eat" and "Please let me go back to my hometown."

● As a result, the protesters were also 'farmer workers' who came to the big cities in search of jobs in rural areas.

The protests at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou and the protests by workers in the Guangzhou Textile Complex were like that.

● However, the aspect is different this time.

For three days from the 25th to the 27th, protests took place at 51 universities across China.

Protests also broke out at Tsinghua University, President Xi Jinping's alma mater.

Like the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, university students took the initiative.

● We are demanding 'freedom' and 'democracy' beyond simple dissatisfaction with quarantine measures.

They are talking about the Communist Party and President Xi Jinping, which have been taboo, and even shouting "against censorship."

It is a pattern in which dissatisfaction with the system that has accumulated over the years is being expressed all at once.

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[Newsspring] "Activate the business start order!"

Will there be an answer if work continues?

The agenda for ordering the strike participants to return to work passed the Cabinet meeting today (29th).

President Yoon Seok-yeol presided over a cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office in Yongsan this morning and announced that he would issue an order to start work on the strike participants of the cargo union.

The business start order, in simple terms, is a system that compels people engaged in certain tasks to start their work by law. urged a return. 

why is it important

● First of all, the cement industry is subject, and since this is the first time that the right to start business has been actually invoked since it was introduced in the Freight Truck Transportation Business Act in 2004, more attention is being paid to it.

● The Cargo Transportation Business Act allows the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to order the start of business if transport workers collectively refuse to transport cargo without justifiable grounds, causing or likely to cause a very serious crisis to the national economy.

● Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Won Hee-ryong immediately issued an order to start operations for those who refused to transport goods in the cement industry immediately after the State Council's deliberation and resolution.

Carriers and transporters who have been served with the order must return to work by 24:00 on the day after they are served.

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