Solène Delinger 3:51 p.m., November 28, 2022

The towel burns between the wives of two players from the France team.

The wife of substitute goalkeeper Alphonse Areola violently criticized that of Hugo Lloris on his Instagram account on Saturday November 26.

According to her, Marine Lloris would be hypocritical and would have been disrespectful towards her. 

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is in full swing.

The Blues have already won two matches, one against Australia and the other against Denmark, thus earning their qualification for the round of 16.

If the players of the France team get along wonderfully on the ground, behind the scenes, the atmosphere is a little more tense, in particular between two of their wives, that of Alphonse Areola and that of Hugo Lloris. 

"I can't stand people like that"

On Instagram, Marrion Areola indeed attacked Marine Lloris when a subscriber asked her if she got along well with the wife of the number 1 goalkeeper of the France team.

"Not at all! For the simple and good reason that he's the kind of person who will come to talk to you only out of interest. Very simple example: when I first arrived in London she never calculated me (nor the other times, by the way), not even a single hello when she was the oldest”, she wrote in a story published during a question and answer session.

"I'm wrong and I apologize"

As Marie-Claire

recalls ,

 the two women frequent the same places in the British capital, where Hugo Lloris and Alphonse Areola play all year round.

"A year ago when she found out I was friends with influential people in London, I got a message from her, I never wrote back to her because I can't stand people like that" . 

Faced with criticism from his subscribers following his particularly virulent statements, Marrion Areola apologized on his Instagram account.

“Regarding the story with Marine Lloris, we had a long conversation and now everything is back to normal, she assured before concluding: “A lot of misunderstandings between her and me.

In hindsight, the timing was not appropriate.

I'm wrong and I apologize." 

The Blues continue to train for their next game.

They are expected in Al Rayyan, Wednesday, November 30 at 4 p.m., for a match against the Tunisians.