The fashion house Balenciaga has found itself in serious trouble and is accused of sexualizing children after a criticized advertising campaign.

The latest in line to distance herself is Kim Kardashian, who collaborated with the fashion house for several years.

Apologizes and sues producer

Balenciaga has apologized and pulled the campaign that portrayed children alongside teddy bears in what was interpreted as BDSM clothing.

The images also contained empty wine glasses and beer cans.

Now the fashion house is suing the advertising agency for including documents from a child pornography target in an advertising image.

In the lawsuit, only the documents are mentioned, not the design of the campaign in general.

The photographer Gabriele Galimberti who was hired has also distanced himself.

Galimberti believes that he is not responsible for composition, design or scenography.

In the video, you get an overview of the criticized advertising campaign.