China News Service, Shenyang, November 28 (Reporter Han Hong) The reporter learned from the Shenyang Palace Museum on the 28th that there are currently 200 cultural relics on the "Digital Duobao Pavilion" in 10 categories, including enamelware, porcelain, and metalware. High-precision three-dimensional data three-dimensionally and comprehensively display the details and overall picture of cultural relics, bringing the fine cultural relics collected by the courtyard to the audience.

  The "Shenyang Imperial Palace Digital Museum Construction Based on Strong Integration Concept" project recently passed the final acceptance, which means that the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum's business platform with collection management as the core and the "Forbidden City on the Cloud" APP centered on external display have been completed and put into operation use.

  Inkstone-shaped inkstone with cloud and dragon pattern, cloisonné enamel with twining branches and lotus pattern facing the sky ear three-legged furnace, carved red hooked lotus pattern consecrated landscape figure Tianqiu vase... the cultural relics that have gone through the years of smoke and dust seem to be placed in front of people, allowing people to "" touch".

According to reports, by searching for "Forbidden City on the Cloud" in the WeChat applet, the audience can appreciate the precious cultural relics of the Shenyang Palace Museum in 360 degrees in the "Digital Duobao Pavilion" and feel the infinite charm of excellent traditional Chinese culture.

  In the "Digital Duobao Pavilion", cultural relics can be appreciated from any angle.

High-precision three-dimensional data, three-dimensional and all-round display of the details and overall picture of cultural relics, while simulating the material of cultural relics, by creating rich light and shadow changes, allows the audience to have a viewing experience that is close to the real thing.

For example, this "Qing Qianlong style pen holder with teeth and openwork carvings of immortals", the figures, pavilions, pine stones on the abdomen have a strong three-dimensional sense, and the horse reins, railings, pine needles, etc. are also meticulous. The 3-line, 6-character double-column box paragraph is clearly visible, allowing the audience to obtain richer information than watching the real thing.

  It is reported that the "Shenyang Forbidden City Digital Museum Construction Based on Strong Integration Concept" project was launched in November 2020.

The construction content includes three parts: the "Forbidden City on the Cloud" tourist smart service APP, digital collection and processing of collections, and immersive digital display. It also includes resource library management system, collection management system, and panoramic digital data collection and processing of the exhibition hall.

Visitors can browse online the 8 digital exhibition halls with no less than 30 panoramas for each exhibition on the official website of the Shenyang Palace Museum or the digital exhibition hall of the Shenyang Palace Museum WeChat public platform on the mobile terminal.