• Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday that he wanted to develop “an RER network in ten French cities.


  • Among them, the agglomeration of Bordeaux, which has been working on this project for several years, and which has even already partially commissioned a line between Libourne and Arcachon.

  • The vice-president of the regional council in charge of transport, Renaud Lagrave, sees it as a "misunderstanding" of the terrain on the part of the head of state, when the president of the metropolis, Alain Anziani, hopes that this announcement will be synonymous with funding.

Renaud Lagrave, PS vice-president of the regional council of New Aquitaine in charge of transport, almost choked on the announcement of Emmanuel Macron, Sunday, on the need to create a dozen metropolitan RERs in France.

“Elisabeth Borne had already announced in 2018 that RERs were needed in France, fortunately we did not wait, otherwise we would be at point zero of the metropolitan RER in Gironde” he proclaims on Monday.

On track since 2021 with the partial entry into service of a first link between Libourne and Arcachon, the RER Métropolitain de Bordeaux is today the most advanced project at national level with the European Metropolitan Express Network (REME) of Strasbourg , posted on December 11.

It must be equipped by 2030 with three lines to better serve the entire Gironde territory.

“A little indecent…”

Renaud Lagrave believes that this announcement by the Head of State hides “a lack of knowledge of the reality of what is happening on the ground, which is quite worrying.

Not to mention the funding issue.

In Gironde, “we have not yet seen a massive investment from the State in this project.

I would have preferred that the President of the Republic announce a 5.5% VAT in transport, or that the State was going to donate part of the mobility payment to the regions, so as to develop more offers.

“Okay, we have to make RER in the big cities of France, but with what money?, concludes the regional elected official.

I find that a little indecent…”

In a press release, the president of Bordeaux Métropole Alain Anziani (PS) showed himself to be more measured, seeking to seize the pole extended by Emmanuel Macron, even if he too recalls that "Bordeaux Métropole did not wait to give a reality on the metropolitan RER”.

“The announcement of the President of the Republic is naturally welcome, positive Alain Anziani.

The overall envelope [for the Bordeaux RER] weighs nearly one billion euros with additional costs already identified, we can hope that [this] announcement will allow additional financial support.

It is also necessary for the SNCF to have the means to act for studies and works, with speed and agility.



Emmanuel Macron wants to develop the RER "in ten French cities"


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